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Trampa Dampa's

Trampa Dampa's

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Egg shocks voor in de springs (veren) van matrix trucks. Set van 4 (voor twee trucks)


- Weight: 44 g  each
- Trampa Dampa's Yellow 65 Shore
- Increase steering resistance and reduce speed wobble
- Great for kiteboarders and beginner / lightweight mountainboarders
- Made specifically to fit the Trampa Re-enforced spring retainers perfectly!
- Works harmoniously with the Trampa spring trucks
- Instant steering resistance at the slightest of movement from the rider
- Steering resistance perfected

Colour  Shore rating Stiffness  advice guide
Yellow  65 Easy Beginner / Intermediate
Green 75 Average Intermediate / Heavy rider
Red 80 Firm Freestyler progressor
Blue 85 Stiff Very fast Advanced rider
White 90 Stiffest For the insane only!!

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