Lush Symbian topmount

Lush Symbian topmount

  • Lengte 41.2 "
  • Truck mount Topmount

€ 299,95
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"Essentially a Symbian Two with a shorter wheelbase and no drop-through mounts, the Symbian Topmount is the perfect deck for today's all-round longboarding. Major new features are:

  • Topmount truck position gives a more divey, carvy turn. We've left large cutouts and wheel wells to allow loose trucks without wheelbite!
  • Slightly shorter overall length, better for flips and shuvits
  • Shorter wheelbase than the original Symbian freeride deck, and also shorter than the Symbian Two. More turn, easier flatland tricks, and faster rotations are what we are aiming for here. We've left the perfect standing platform alone though!
  • Longer and wider kicktails, making manuals, ollies and flips a lot easier
  • CNC wheel wells, allowing a much wider "neck," which increases strength considerably


  • Lengte 41.25"/105cm
  • Width 9.9" / 25cm
  • Grip Grip included
  • Wheel Base 27.8"/70.7cm - 27"/68.6cm