Timber Boards Bison

Timber Boards Bison

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The rough and tough freestyle board you always wanted to skate! The Bison lets you charge through walls!

General Description

The rough skaters’ favorite. A beast of a board with an unprecedented feel of gnarly-ness.. The new and improved version of the Bison has the same features as the older edition, just improved. The best thing about this one is that it is a lot lighter and tougher. The lightness is because we removed the two middle layers of birch and replaced it with one layer of bamboo. And the shape is a bit more extreme. The kicks used to be very low, for that distinct skateboard-like pop. With testing we found that the current pop is even better, and the kicks are higher. Meaning two things: Higher tricks with better feel for foot placement.


The flares and rocker make it feel like standing on the back of a wild animal. The rocker makes it a stable board with a distinct feel. The flares give a lot of grip while sliding and gives you the option of using larger wheels with less wheelbite.


Big and round. Symmetrical. At the end it has a small cut-off, making your flip tricks more controllable.

Mechanical Properties

Because of the many subtle curves every centimeter, this board has a rigid feel. Using many different weaves of glass fiber its torsional flex is minimized. This gives a lot of stability during sliding and a predictable ride. Also, it has carbon in its kicks, which ensures a continuous pop during its lifespan.

Durable, tough, steady, hairy, sweaty, awesome.


64,5 cm (25,4 inches). The best middle-ground between long and short. The wheelbase gives a nice enough turn to dance steadily with enough turn in your step to make it look like you know what’s up.


Rough, tough, slap-in-the-face style longboard.


Tribal style cave-painting of a bison. Made by Lance Schmale

Suggested set-up

Loose trucks, 50 degrees for fast dancing, 60-65mm wheels depending on own preference. 65mm gives you a smoother ride and smaller diameters will make tricks a bit more easy.