Jet Doppler X 39.5 8-Ply

Jet Doppler X 39.5 8-Ply

€ 114,95
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The DOPPLER X 39.5 is a twin outlined, drop-thru for progressive longboard tricks & soulful freerides. It features a shorter wheel base, medium concave plus a little kick in the nose & tail. Basically, it's "freestyle induced" for exploring new worlds that combine street, sliding, freeride, downhill, etc... slide it, shove it, drift it, you name it. The Doppler is a versatile deck, which allows you to break the rules! It rides like as if your magic streed deck married your DH deck. Please note that it isn't a trampoline, instead it's a predictable solid flex.


  • Lengte 100.5 cm
  • Width 23.5 cm
  • Flex Heavy Flex
  • Grip None
  • Wheel Base 68.5 cm