GO Project – Joe Atkinson 65MM Wheels V.2 – White

GO Project – Joe Atkinson 65MM Wheels V.2 – White

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GO Project – Joe Atkinson 65MM Wheels V.2 – White

Joe Atkinson placed top three in almost every major international contest last year (and won most). His weapon; The 65mm Go Project wheel. The first of it’s kind in this ‘mid-size’, now available for general retail.

The version two wheel has some notable improvements: The core of the wheel is now a natural colour. Adding no colour pigmentation to the core improves it’s strength, lessening the risk of fracturing the plastic under force. The shape of the core has also been altered to minimise ‘bearing crush effect’ allowing for a faster roll. (We recommend you use Go Project spacers with these wheels to be sure you get the most efficient retention of speed).

The wheels now come with a lifetime warranty against de-coring, making them the only wheel on the market with these credentials.

The Go Joe V.2 urethane is manufactured using a similar chemistry to our bigger (72mm-80mm) wheels but a little harder for more aggressive use. While we don’t give a durometer (hardness) because of it’s lack of true accuracy, you could compare the wheel to an 88a.  The small core allows for great rebound and large footprint which will give better grip in turns and landings. The compound is creamy and satin and retains a unique smooth texture once broken in. This high-end urethane is a first in the Aggressive industry.

Joe adds some of his world famous personality to his wheel with the Garlic Club emblem. The wheels are finished with Garlic-esque packaging, just for fun.

Joe uses the wheels in a flat set-up (on GC Big frames) but they are equally at home on an anti-rocker setup. See frame / skate compatibility below:

Ground Control Big: Will fit flat or anti-rocker
Kizer Advance level 1, 2 & 3: Will fit flat or anti-rocker
Bake Frames: Will fit flat or anti-rocker
Ground Control FL2, FL3, and FL freestyle: Will fit anti-rocker with light wheel rub. We recommend breaking them in for 5 minutes.
Seba Frames: Will fit anti-rocker
Kizer Slimline frames: Will fit anti-rocker
Kaltik Stealth frames: Will fit anti-rocker
Kizer M-type, Fluid 4 and Type X: Will fit anti-rocker but with heavy wheel rub. Not recommended unless you have baseplate recesses.
Kaltik Freestyle: Will only fit anti-rocker WITH baseplate recesses.
Create Original (graphic insert frames): Will only fit anti-rocker WITH baseplate recesses.
Create Original CRS frames: TBC