KIZER Slimline II Frame White

KIZER Slimline II Frame White

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S - 243
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The Kizer Slimline is one of the younger additions to the Kizer family. The 2011 re-vamped version of this frame has been designed as the ultimate flat setup frame thanks to the help of the industries leaders in frame technology including the one and only Al Dolega.

A flat setup is beneficial for a number of reasons: It allows you better speed and control as well as improved anti-shock. Flat setups allow for faster turns and also allow for longer wheel life.

The Kizer Slimline comes in 3 sizes (S, M and L).

Slimline 2 frame sizes measured from centre of rear wheel bolt to centre of front wheel bolt:

  • Small - 243mm
  • Medium - 258mm
  • Large - 277mm

Max wheel size - Antirocker 60mm/Flatrocker 58mm